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Sheet Music

Below are the songs that are currently available to download from Micah's albums, Interludes (2005) and Themes (2006). After purchasing through PayPal, your music will be emailed as a PDF.

Songs $3.95 each       |      Songbook $19.95


Song Track Listen
Interlude I 2     Add
Ballad 3     Add
Air in C 6     Add
Morning 8     Add
Interlude III 9     Add
Song of Remembrance 10     Add
Requiem 11     Add
A Sad Goodbye 13     Add


Song Track Listen
Autumn 2     Add
Little Theme 6     Add
Simplicity 7     Add

Selections Songbook

All of the songs above as an easy-to-print book $19.95 Add

About Micah

Micah grew up in a musical family and fell in love with the piano at a young age, which led to him experimenting and composing songs as a teenager. His first recordings were in response to his friends' requests in high school. After studying music at the University of Oregon, Micah recorded and released two solo piano albums that display his relaxed and meditative style, often compared to Jim Brickman and George Winston.

In 2007 Micah stepped away from recording to focus on starting a family and pursuing full-time ministry, but he is hoping to release new material in early 2021. He now lives in Pleasant Hill, Oregon, with his wife and two children where he is the pastor and worship leader of Pleasant Hill Baptist Church.